About us

When a long-awaited baby is born, we want to give them the very best. We surround them with love and take the greatest care to ensure that their needs are met. Bobini is part of everyday care routine from the first day of the baby’s life and carefully listens to the needs of families to be able to support the natural and joyful development of the child with a gentle touch. Bobini’s funny pup is the most loyal friend that provides comfort and a sense of security.

Together with parents, Bobini cares for their little ones on many levels. Bobini’s tender touch is the result of the ingredients of natural origin in the predominantly vegan formulas. Proper care fosters the creativity of your child. Colorful and imaginative packaging, full of stories and fun facts, as well as fresh smells intrigue children and encourage them to have fun.

Additionally, Bobini knows that the planet, on which the baby is growing up, will affect their future. That is why we also protect the natural environment – almost every product packaging is 100% recyclable, labels are easy to remove and the film has perforation that facilitates its removal, thanks to which the waste segregation is more effective. Additionally, our cosmetics contain ingredients of natural origin from renewable sources and our formulas are free from microplastics.

Bobini surrounds your baby with tenderness. It is expressed by:

Gentle formula


Gentle formula is proof that Bobini products are created with the utmost care for their recipes.


For the sake of our planet and the skin of the youngest children, new Bobini cosmetic formulas do not contain microplastics.


Bobini for the Planet means living in harmony with the environment: bottles with film and removable labels as well as most packaging are 100% recyclable.


Bobini product formulas contain even 98% ingredients of natural origin.


Testing performed by independent laboratories confirm that Bobini products are appropriate for children from the first days of their lives.


Bobini cosmetic formulas are vegan – they don’t contain any ingredients of animal origin.

Find out more about the Dr. Miele Cosmed Group S.A. Sustainable Development Strategy. – the owner of the Bobini brand: https://dr-miele.eu/en/sustainability/