Bobini Kids

Your child had their first birthday – they are more and more curious of the world and willing to discover it on their own. Dinner leftovers on little hands and greased knees are the new reality. Bobini Kids line is recommended for everyday bath and help parents ensure the proper care for and development of their little pride and joy. Vegan formulas contain even 98% ingredients of natural origin! Gentle, moisturizing and predominantly hypoallergenic formulas of Bobini Kids help parents provide their children with tender care.

Bobini Kids line can also be a lot of fun! Thanks to labels with engaging graphics depicting children on adventures with their cuddly friend – a puppy, the care routine will be pure pleasure. It will foster children’s creativity and encourage them to discover the world by coming up together with stories and games.

The products are recommended for children over one year of age.

Bobini Kids – the joy of everyday body care routine!