Advice for parents

Bedtime can be a tedious part of a day both for the parent and the child, who – when exhausted – often becomes more grumpy. That’s why nighttime rituals, such as a fixed family dinner time, relaxing bath and gently putting the child to sleep, are so important. An evening together is also a great time for quiet educational games, such as storytelling or reading books. Additionally, creating a routine is the first step towards bringing up an independent child.

In the first years of your baby’s life, you want to encourage their curiosity in a fun and friendly atmosphere, as every moment spent with your child is priceless. Sensory play that supports your baby by stimulating their senses is a great solution.

A well-prepared bath is sure to be a lot of fun! It is important to create a nice atmosphere for your kid and provide inspiration for a creative play. You can do it by stimulating all senses of your child, while providing them with a sense of security and a great deal of tenderness.

Children need to play outside regardless of the weather! Each season has its challenges for the parent – it may be a sweltering heat, freezing temperatures or rain. How to properly dress your child for going outside to avoid them overheating or getting cold?

The first moments with a newborn may be challenging – full of sleepless nights and difficult moments. Doing the child’s body care routine together may prove to be a short respite for the parents. A tender touch is crucial for every child’s development. It gives them a sense of security and being loved. That is why it is so important to hug your child and touch them in a right way during usual body care routine. To this end, you may want to use Bobini Baby products for newborns, as well as older children and their parents. The products are hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested.

In the first moment of their life, your bundle of joy gets a mountain of gifts from your family and friends. Clothes, toys, books… The majority of them will have to wait at the bottom of the wardrobe for their moment, but how to decide what toy to give your child and when, to ensure it does its job?

Brushing teeth can be fun! It is worth spending time on proper introduction of oral hygiene in your child’s everyday routine and ensuring that they have good associations with this activity. A set consisting of a Bobini toothbrush and toothpaste with friendly pictures can help you with that.

The first breastfeeding under the watchful eye of the hospital personnel looks markedly different from the one at home, where you are on your own. There are, however, basic rules to follow that will make it easier.

The first bath of the little bundle of joy is a great challenge for the young parent, who is unsure how to do it quickly, thoroughly and safely. However, you just need to prepare and have all necessary accessories at hand. Bobini Baby cosmetics – hypoallergenic body and hair gel, a bar soap, wet wipes and body lotion – will support you: they can be used from the very first days of your baby’s life and are great for the bath time. You should also have a big hooded towel, bath thermometer, sponge, cotton pads, brush and a fresh onesie.

Changing a diaper at home is a routine. You have a designated place for that, where you can put your baby safely and where you have all necessary accessories at hand, such as diapers or running water. Things get a bit more complicated when we leave the house to go shopping or take the first trip together. We are unsure where to put the baby and what to take with ourselves to be able to change a diaper efficiently. A few tricks and proper preparation will help you change a diaper away from home effortlessly.