Bobini Baby

Provide your little angel with only the best things from the very first days of their lives. Bobini Baby line was created for everyday tender skin care of your baby that is still learning how to function in the new environment. For the sake of a delicate child’s skin, Bobini Baby bubble bath, creams, liquids for washing the clothes of the youngest children and wet wipes contain even 98% ingredients of natural origin, have hypoallergenic formulas and are dermatologically tested. Gentle formulas introduce a new level of comfort in infant care, and thanks to convenient packaging with friendly graphics and a nice puppy, using our products is pure pleasure.

Bobini Baby – a right and tender choice!

Bobini Kids

Your child had their first birthday – they are more and more curious of the world and willing to discover it on their own. Dinner leftovers on little hands and greased knees are the new reality. Bobini Kids line is recommended for everyday bath and help parents ensure the proper care for and development of their little pride and joy. Vegan formulas contain even 98% ingredients of natural origin! Gentle, moisturizing and predominantly hypoallergenic formulas of Bobini Kids help parents provide their children with tender care.

Bobini Kids line can also be a lot of fun! Thanks to labels with engaging graphics depicting children on adventures with their cuddly friend – a puppy, the care routine will be pure pleasure. It will foster children’s creativity and encourage them to discover the world by coming up together with stories and games.

The products are recommended for children over one year of age.

Bobini Kids – the joy of everyday body care routine!

Bobini Fun

There’s never been anything like these baths! Thick and high foam, colorful water and great smells of citrus, raspberry, apple and strawberry! Each bath with Bobini is a great opportunity to have fun together. Cosmetics have vegan formulas that contain even 97% ingredients of natural origin. Liquids were designed for the delicate child’s skin and ensure proper hydration and smoothness. All products have a 2-in-1 formula and were tested dermatologically.

Bobini Fun bubble bath is dedicated to children over one year of age.

Bobini Fun – fantastic bathing play!

Bobini Family

Caring for the child’s skin also entails ensuring that the clothes that envelop their bodies every day are delicate. These detergents are recommended for people prone to allergies, with sensitive skin, and first and foremost – for the youngest members of the household. Bobini Family line offers delicate fragrance compositions and enzyme complexes, efficiently removing stains that are a fixed part of the first years of our children’s lives as a consequence of them learning how to feed themselves and playing outside. When used regularly, detergents help smooth cotton fabric fibers, softening the clothes and making them as comfortable to wear as possible. The products are tested dermatologically.

Bobini Family – for every member of your family!