Care with a tender touch – skin care with Bobini Baby

Pielęgnacja przez czuły dotyk – jak dbać o skórę z Bobini Baby

The first moments with a newborn may be challenging – full of sleepless nights and difficult moments. Doing the child’s body care routine together may prove to be a short respite for the parents. A tender touch is crucial for every child’s development. It gives them a sense of security and being loved. That is why it is so important to hug your child and touch them in a right way during usual body care routine. To this end, you may want to use Bobini Baby products for newborns, as well as older children and their parents. The products are hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested.

A soothing massage

Both newborns and infants love a gentle massage. It is best to do it after bath and before going to sleep. Firstly, it is a perfect opportunity to moisture your child’s skin, e.g. with a Bobini Baby body lotion, the formula of which acts as a gentle skin lubricant, helping to maintain the proper hydrolipid balance, while neutral pH ensures that the natural protective barrier of the child’s skin remains intact. Additionally, a massage will relax your baby and soothe them before bedtime.

When giving a massage, you should do steady circular movements, while covering other body parts of your child that are not getting massaged at the moment, to prevent your child from getting cold. It is a great bonding time with your baby.

Touch in everyday body care routine

During routine activities, such as preparations for going out, be sure to touch your child tenderly with a smile and a few loving words – it will lift your child’s mood. You may use a cream, such as Bobini Baby, to gently massage their cheeks. Its hypoallergenic formula ensures gentle lubrication and proper child’s skin care.

Look for opportunities in everyday activities to show your child affection and support their proper development.

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