Exciting bedtime bath with Bobini Fun

Fascynująca wieczorna kąpiel z Bobini Fun

A well-prepared bath is sure to be a lot of fun! It is important to create a nice atmosphere for your kid and provide inspiration for a creative play. You can do it by stimulating all senses of your child, while providing them with a sense of security and a great deal of tenderness. Bobini Fun products were created to make the shower or bath time more fun. They are colorful and easy to use – and smell nice! Bath has never been this fun.


Before you invite your sprog to play, you need to prepare all necessary accessories: a towel, shampoo, body wash or gel, pajamas to change into and favorite rubber balls, ducks and fish for your child to play with. Do not forget about ensuring optimal temperature of water and the room, as we lose body heat through our heads and the baby can get cold if the temperature in the bathroom is not high enough.

Inspiring stories and fantastic play

It’s time for an evening fun! Try using Bobini Fun products to play. Interesting characters on labels, such as a surfing girl hippo, a scientist conducting experiments or a joyful firefighter that pours a stream of raspberry liquid, encourage children to come up with compelling stories inspired also by the smell of juicy fruits and favorite sweets. When asked to play, your little one is sure to come up with their own games. You can also take advantage of heaps of bubbles produced by Bobini Fun cosmetics and invite your child to make fancy hair or sculpt favorite animals.

Some of the product color the water, so you can ask your child to chase toys in the colorful depths of bath water or pour water into various cups.

Child’s skin care

It is worth noting that Bobini Fun cosmetics have a skin-neutral pH and were dermatologically tested. Their major advantage is that they leave the skin moisturized and smooth.

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