First bath after returning from the hospital

Pierwsza kąpiel po powrocie ze szpitala

The first bath of the little bundle of joy is a great challenge for the young parent, who is unsure how to do it quickly, thoroughly and safely. However, you just need to prepare and have all necessary accessories at hand. Bobini Baby cosmetics – hypoallergenic body and hair gel, a bar soap, wet wipes and body lotion – will support you: they can be used from the very first days of your baby’s life and are great for the bath time. You should also have a big hooded towel, bath thermometer, sponge, cotton pads, brush and a fresh onesie.

When to do the first bath?

After returning from the hospital, you should, first of all, follow the advice of your midwife. If there are no contraindications, you may wait two or three days. At the beginning, the bath should be short – up to 5 minutes. If you do not want to bath your baby everyday, you should wash their private parts, skin folds, neck and behind their ears, e.g. with Bobini Baby Wet Wipes. They gently remove dirt and the mild ingredients of the liquid ensure proper care of the sensitive skin.

Where to bath a newborn baby and in what temperature?

The bathing place should be steady and be comfortable both for the parent and the child. The size of the bathtub doesn’t matter, what matters is holding the newborn properly, e.g. on their side or in a classic frog-style position, with your baby laying on their stomach. The water temperature is also very important; the optimal temperature is 36–38°C. It can be easily checked with a bath thermometer. If you forget to buy it, you may use the method of our grandmothers: put your elbow in the water – if it is pleasantly warm, you can bath your baby. To prevent your child from catching a cold, you need to heat the room properly, preferably up to 24–25°C.

How to accustom your baby to bathing?

During the first baths, you need to get your baby slowly used to the water. Start from a few inches of water at the bottom of the tub and covering your little angel with a cozy nappy to warm and soothe them. With time you will get the knack of it and will be able to use more water. During the first baths, the baby may be discontent, but if the conditions are right, they are sure to become accustomed to and learn to love this bedtime ritual.

As per the label instructions, you should add an appropriate amount of the bath foam or gel designed for children from the 1st day of life. Bobini Baby Hypoallergenic Body and Hair Gel will be a great choice. Of course, it needs to be dissolved evenly in water. When washing your baby, massage them gently, paying special attention to the areas between skin folds, armpits and the skin behind the ears. These are the places where clothes fluff, among others, often accumulate. After the bath, take the baby from the tub, put them on a towel spread previously on a changing table and dry gently.

How to ensure proper hydration of the skin?

After drying the baby, it is worth ensuring proper skin hydration. Bobini Baby Body Lotion will protect the skin from drying, enhance the protective barrier of the skin and reduce its hyperactivity, soothes irritation and brings an instant relief.

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