Imaginative nighttime routine

Wieczorna rutyna z wyobraźnią

Bedtime can be a tedious part of a day both for the parent and the child, who – when exhausted – often becomes more grumpy. That’s why nighttime rituals, such as a fixed family dinner time, relaxing bath and gently putting the child to sleep, are so important. An evening together is also a great time for quiet educational games, such as storytelling or reading books. Additionally, creating a routine is the first step towards bringing up an independent child.

Calming your little one down is crucial

All electronic devices that emit blue light should be turned off, and unnecessary stimuli eliminated, two hours before bedtime. It also might be a good idea to engage your child in getting ready for bed – let them choose a body wash, a bedtime story or a set of pajamas. It will help them to bond with the parent and calm down, teaching them at the same time to carry out everyday activities on their own.

How to improve the evening with a bath?

A bath is great for setting the rhythm for the evening, and helps the child to unwind before going to sleep. Let your child choose their favorite bathing toys or cosmetics. Encourage them to wash themselves. Of course, we must carefully choose bath products that clean thoroughly and gently and soothe skin irritation at the same time. These requirements are met by Bobini Kids cosmetics with skin-neutral pH. Additionally, each Bobini Kids label has an interesting picture. During the bath or afterwards, you can encourage your kid to come up with a story for the picture. It’s a great way to stimulate the child’s imagination and an interesting way for them to spend some energy before going to sleep.

At the end, prompt your kiddo to dry themselves with a towel and put on their pajamas.

Ending the evening with a good story

As we all know, reading books has a huge impact on the development of a child’s imagination and speaking skills. You can do it from the very first days of their lives. For an older child, it is an important and calming routine. Let them choose their favorite story or a nursery rhyme.

After such an evening, your child will sleep like an angel!

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