Children’s toothpaste – strawberry ice cream flavor – age 1-6 years

Toothpaste keeps children’s teeth clean and healthy. It contains the optimal dose of fluoride for children aged 1-6 years – 500 ppm to protect milk teeth. Unique strawberry ice cream flavor makes brushing teeth a great fun. The paste protects against tooth decay, cleans and strengthens the surface of the enamel. Product does not contain sugar. Use under adult supervision.

For gentle daily care of your child:

  • the optimal dose of fluoride – 500 ppm
  • protects against tooth decay
  • cleans and strengthens the enamel surface
  • does not contain sugar
  • strawberry ice cream flavor

How to use

1-2 years – from the appearance of the first teeth, brush once a day, using a thin layer of toothpaste; 2-6 years – brush teeth for 3 minutes twice a day, using a pea-sized amount of the paste.

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