Laundry detergent gel 1,8 l

The Bobini Family line was created for the whole family. The hypoallergenic gel was created for the delicate and sensitive skin of children, but it is also recommended for washing clothes of people with sensitive and allergy-prone skin. It is ideal for fighting the first stains that arise, e.g. while learning to eat independently. The product contains natural soap and a complete set of seven biodegradable enzymes that effectively remove stains, and at the same time help to smooth the fibers of cotton fabrics when used regularly. The gel has a delicate fragrance composition. It may be used from the first days of life.

  • for the whole family
  • for whites and colours
  • gentle on the skin
  • delicate on fabrics
  • was created for the sake of delicate and sensitive children’s skin
  • effectively removes stains
  • helping to smooth cotton fibers with regular use
  • contains natural soap and a complex of seven biodegradable enzymes
  • recommended for washing clothes of people with sensitive and prone to allergies skin
  • delicate fragrance
  • for machine and hand washing (20-95°C)

Follow the instructions of the clothing manufacturers and sort the laundry. Wash non-durable fabrics separately. Do not use on wool and silk. Avoid direct contact with the fabric. Dose directly to the dispensing drawer according to the load size, degree of soiling and water hardness. Protect from frost and heat.

How to use

1 cap of gel is equivalent to 40 ml. Dosage for a 4.5 kg load for an automatic washing machine: soft and medium hard water – lightly and medium dirty clothes 50 ml, heavily soiled clothes 70 ml; hard water – slightly and medium dirty clothes 70 ml, heavily soiled clothes 90 ml. Dosage for 10 l of water for hand washing: 35 ml. Washing temperature range 20-95°C.

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