Gel caps for washing white and colored fabrics 24 pcs

Hypoallergenic Gel caps for washing white and colored fabrics were created for the care of baby’s clothes from the first days of its life. Clothes washed in capsules are gentle on the delicate skin of newborns and small children. Products is perfect for fighting the first stains that arise, among others, when learning to eat independently or use the toilet. Thanks to a complete set of seven biodegradable enzymes the gel caps effectively remove stains, while protecting colors and being gentle on fabrics. Recommended for washing clothes of people with sensitive and prone to allergies skin. Capsules are completely soluble and rinse off easily. Dermatologically tested. For machine and hand washing (20-95°C).

For gentle daily care of your baby:

  • for whites and colours
  • effectively removes stains
  • delicate on fabrics and colours
  • totally soluble
  • colour protection

Do not use for hand washing. Not suitable for prewash and stain removal. Do not use for wool and silk. Store in the closed original packaging in a cool and dry place. Do not touch with wet hands. Do not squeeze, puncture, tear or cut the capsules. Carefully close the packaging after each use. Use only with dry hands, wash hands after use.


How to use

For all water hardness ranges: Put 1 capsule in the bottom of the empty washing machine drum. Then load the laundry (4,5 kg). ** If the washing machine load exceeds 4,5 kg or the laundry is heavily soiled, use 2 capsules. Washing temperature range 20-95°C.

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