Underpads for babies and children 10 pcs

Super absorbent underpads for babies and children are exceptionally soft. They provide reliable moisture absorption. The top layer of the underlay is made of a soft, nice in touch and absorbent nonwoven fabric while the lower part is made of a special material that prevents leaks. Thanks to that it provides a perfect protection not only during diaper change at home or during a walk, but also as a bed or pram mattress protector. Optimal size and its ability to fold make the underpads perfect to take with you wherever you go to provide your little one clean and hygienic conditions for playing and care. Three functional layers for optimal comfort and hygiene of your baby: soft, breathing nonwoven fabric, cellulose hygroscopic fibers and moisture absorbing layer, non-slip backing.

For gentle daily care of your baby:

  • exceptionally soft
  • reliable moisture absorption
  • non-slip backing
  • perfect at home, for a walk and on the go

How to use

Spread the underpad with the non-slip backing facing down. After completing the planned activity (e.g. diaper change), dispose of the used underpad in an appropriate waste container.

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