Brushing your child’s teeth with Bobini!

Mycie zębów z małym dzieckiem i Bobini!

Brushing teeth can be fun! It is worth spending time on proper introduction of oral hygiene in your child’s everyday routine and ensuring that they have good associations with this activity. A set consisting of a Bobini toothbrush and toothpaste with friendly pictures can help you with that.

When to start brushing your baby’s teeth?

Oral hygiene should be introduced from the very first days of your child’s life. Before baby teeth come out, you should gently wash baby’s gums with a swab soaked in boiled, cooled down water. This way your child will get used to this activity. When the teeth come out, you can start using a small toothbrush with soft and fine bristles. Bobini toothbrush designed for the youngest children will be perfect for this. Super soft bristles gently brush your child’s teeth, an oval head allows to reach back teeth and an ergonomic shape of the handle fits well to the baby’s hand.

What toothpaste to choose?

When choose a toothpaste for your child, you should pick the one that does not give a lot of foam, as it may cause chocking. You should also check fluor content. Bobini toothpaste for children 1–6 years old has 500 ppm, and for older children – 1000 ppm. Choose a product with a delicate and pleasant flavor so as to entice your kiddo to brush their teeth. Bobini toothpastes for oral hygiene have a flavor of strawberry ice cream or mint bubblegum, and kids love them! Toothbrushes from this product line have colorful bristles to help you measure out the proper amount of toothpaste.

How long and how often should the child brush their teeth?

You should brush your child’s teeth twice a day. At the beginning, your child might not want to brush their teeth for 2–3 minutes, but try to start from 30 seconds and extend that time gradually.

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