How to efficiently change a diaper away from home Bobini Baby solutions

Jak sprawnie przewinąć dziecko poza domem. Bobini Baby daje rozwiązania

Changing a diaper at home is a routine. You have a designated place for that, where you can put your baby safely and where you have all necessary accessories at hand, such as diapers or running water. Things get a bit more complicated when we leave the house to go shopping or take the first trip together. We are unsure where to put the baby and what to take with ourselves to be able to change a diaper efficiently. A few tricks and proper preparation will help you change a diaper away from home effortlessly.

What to take with you?

When leaving the house with your baby, you should pack a few accessories necessary for changing a diaper. Bobini Baby Wet wipes, Underpads and Cream are a must for every parent’s bag! You may also want to take a toy for your kiddo to play during changing. Now, you only need diapers and a change of clothes and you’re ready to go!

Where and how to change a diaper?

Regardless of where you are, first of all you should look for a bathroom or a room, where you will be able to change a diaper comfortably – it should be clean, warm and private. However, there won’t always be such a place. If you find yourself in such a predicament, you may use any stable surface: a bench, a floor, a lawn or simply your pram. To ensure the comfort of your baby, you should use a soft pad. It may be a tetra nappy or a blanket, but Bobini Baby Underpads for infants are much more practical. Its surface layer is made from a soft, pleasing to the touch and absorbent non-woven fabric and its bottom layer – from a special waterproof material. Thanks to this, it protects the baby while changing at home or during a walk, and can serve as a waterproof draw-sheet in a cot or a pram.

Before changing a diaper, prepare diapers, a change of clothes and necessary accessories. After removing a diaper, clean the baby’s private part thoroughly with Bobini Baby Wet Wipes. Due to the skin-neutral pH, they do not damage the protective barrier of the skin. Wipes protect the delicate skin of your infant from drying and provide appropriate care. Then, apply a thin layer of cream and put a new diaper and clothes on your kiddo.

What to do after changing a diaper?

After changing a diaper, roll it up together with the underpad and snap the fasteners, put it in a dirty diaper bag and throw it in the waste bin when you have the chance.

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