Sensory play activities to do together – fun and development

Wspólna zabawa sensoryczna – rozwój przez przyjemność

In the first years of your baby’s life, you want to encourage their curiosity in a fun and friendly atmosphere, as every moment spent with your child is priceless. Sensory play that supports your baby by stimulating their senses is a great solution.

Sight can be stimulated in a variety of ways. You can introduce games in your everyday routine, for example, by turning bath time into a great adventure. Colorful bubbles may be a feast for the eyes. They float and shimmer with a myriad of colors, and what’s more – are very easy to make. You only need water, a bubble solution and, optionally, a dye that is safe for children. Your little one can blow them, smash them or just watch!

The senses of smell and taste are interconnected – it may be a good idea to stimulate both with sensory play when preparing a meal. Guessing what ingredients were used without looking is a great way to improve senses, try new flavors and engage your child in the cooking process. Participation will be rewarded with a full stomach!

Touch is mainly associated with hands, because hands are highly innervated. Our feet, however, are also great at receiving stimuli. Invite you kid to a real journey on a sensory track. You can make it from things around you – scraps of fabric, feathers, flat buttons or even bubble wrap. Your child can walk on the track, examine it with their foot or guess what it is they’re standing on. They should not look.

The last but no least important sense is hearing. You can stimulate it by listening to the music and nursery rhymes or by less conventional methods, such as filling balloons or latex gloves with various items, e.g. buckwheat or buttons. Kids will be able to create their own music, guess what is inside the items or just soak up the sounds.

All such games not only support the child’s development, but also create tender moments and let you spend time together in an interesting way.